One To Watch: East London’s Rosé Sets Pace With “Jiggle Wiggle”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

25 Feb 2021

Hailing from Newham in East London is the rising artist named Rosé who’s blessed our screens with his brand new release named “Jiggle Wiggle”; with only two singles behind him, the London native has already made quite the impression!

Through infusing both UK Rap and Drill into one fluid sound, “Jiggle Wiggle” proves why Rosé is one to watch! Placing his undeniable swagger, confidence and assertive delivery on one top-notch track; “Now when I leave that booth no need for an aux / Hear my tunes on radio”, he raps. Baosting his lyrical ability with a slew of wheel-up worthy punchlines and metaphors such as “Violate who? Mind the smoke don’t bun out your chest like I slapped some Vicks in” – it’s clear Rosé is here to stay! Paired with a set of fun-filled visuals we watch as the newcomer leaves pen and celebrates his release alongside a young woman in the back of taxi.

Speaking on the release, he commented; “When I heard the beat, I knew exactly how I needed to ride it and I am very happy that we were able to bring it all to life with the video. I wanted to make something catchy and still true to myself so I hope that this is something that resonates with the audience.’”

Peep the visuals on Mixtape Madness above.