Piers James Shares The Captivating Visuals For “Can’t Be My Girl”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

10 Jul 2020

Ipswich-born, London-based singer and producer Piers James has released the visuals for Can’t Be My Girl.

The song’s lyrics have a deliberate tongue-in-cheek feel, however the message it gives is much broader, questioning the hyper reality of imagery in social media. 
Featuring over 80 women, the stylistic visuals explores the relationships between reality, symbols, and society, in particular referencing how modern media influences the idea of the female self.

Commenting on the video, Piers said: “The message of the song is about women installing self-assurance, self-confidence and happiness within their own skin. We decided to use the video to globally connect a network of amazing, powerful women from all over the world, who have never met, during a time when physical connection and travel have been totally unachievable. It is a testament to the role our digital culture plays in constructing our online image but more importantly celebrating it as a tool to unite us together.”

Watch the visuals for Can’t Be My Girl above.