Piers James Shares The Visuals For “Garden Of Eden”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

14 Apr 2020

Ipswich born singer, rapper and storyteller Piers James has released the visuals for Garden Of Eden.

The emotive and beautifully shot video sees Piers comprehend his life as a young father, destined to make mistakes but ensure lessons are learnt along the way. The visual also features Piers’ real life son Theo, Garden Of Eden is set to feature on his forthcoming project A Dying Breed.

Speaking on the track and it’s meaning, Piers commented ‘The Garden of Eden’ is a metaphor for life’s good and bad choices, when you make decisions based off impulse, without fully comprehending the consequences of your actions, you end up making bad decisions. Although bad choices come with consequences they often go hand in hand with life lessons. We can either choose to ignore these lessons and continue to make the same mistakes or we can learn to be accountable for our own actions and grow from them. I think it’s important to understand that it’s okay to make the mistake‘.

Watch the visuals for Garden Of Eden above.