R.A.E channels the 90s for ‘Damn Jermaine’ visuals

Parris Walters

By Parris Walters

Parris Walters

25 Mar 2019

South East London’s finest R.A.E might have just brought us a song for all of our summer playlists and along with it, she supplies energetic 90s inspired visuals for a memorable viewing experience.

‘Damn Jermaine’ definitely screams girl power and pays homage to the hip hop era of the nineties, something that the artist is becoming known for, as this video was preceded by the release of her first single ‘OI SON’. Her videos are reminiscent of sitcoms like Living Single and Martin and sonically, she has recreated a sound that is unique, authentic and hard to come by. R.A.E is definitely more than just a rapper and really goes all out to transport the audience with this nostalgic and playful video.

We’re definitely excited to hear more from R.A.E and whoever Jermaine is, we definitely wouldn’t want to be him.

Check out the video below.