RA Shouts M24, Snap Capone, Ambush, Kemzi & Nolay For Heat-Filled Remix

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

12 Jan 2021

The line-up of fire MCs on RA’s “Mortal Kombat” remix has set an incredible bar for rap collabs this year. Around the track’s gritty hook, each rapper sprays greazy lyrics which gives way to an overwhelming domino effect.

Verses from RA, M24, Snap Capone, Ambush, Kemzi and Nolay make it appear as though we’ve just witnessed a cypher! We grow more engaged with each fire-filled verse, and not one rapper drops the frequency.

The display of the variety of flows and styles on a single record is something we hope to see more of in our scene. Spin the cold anthem above!