Rare Hass Unveils Debut Black History Month Visual ‘KHEPER’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

31 Oct 2020

Rare Hass is a young Black creative hailing from London who is best known for his work with the Cash Corp collective. Specializing in cinematography, fashion, radio presenting and music, the budding creative has unveiled his debut visual, ‘KHEPER’, which highlights the Black Lives Matter protests that took place earlier this summer in London.

In naming the visual ‘KHEPER’ which in turn translates to ‘the awakened’, the creative aims to spread awareness of the the movement and it’s unquestionable importance. Speaking on the release, Rare Hass commented; “Since Kheper has many connotations with a new dawn/beginning, I believe that it suits this video best. I also have a strong belief spiritually that people around the world are starting to wake up and realise what’s really happening to our nations on this planet through corruption and other entities of evil”.

Watch the visual above.