Reptile B drops infectious track Run Bwoi with jumpy visuals

Fadumo Khamis

By Fadumo Khamis

Fadumo Khamis

11 Dec 2020

Newham based triple threat rapper Reptile B, has recently dropped his new single Run Bwoi with visuals on Mixtape Madness. 

Reptile B’s track is a party banger filled with uncensored suggestive lyrics, back to back with equal amounts of aggression and bravado.
With a unique style and flow, Reptile B speaks his truth with no remorse.  Pulled  from his Jamaican upbringing and inspiration of old school grime, you’ll never know which flavour he will spin next. 

The single, Run Bwoi, was produced by DreamViewProduction. The video for the track was created by Hytz Media and filmed and edited by WivdrawnKolumbia. 

This new track brings the alter ego “rap game homunculus” to the forefront. No nonsense cadence, explicit shots to his male ops and a catchy hook to hype up the ladies.

This track follows his last single THG. In the video for THG Reptile B showcases his dance skills and brother alter ego “rap game cutie”, concepts drawn from his love of anime. 

Watch the video and stream the single on all platforms.