RhymeShe Wraps Up 2020 In Latest Episode

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

7 Jan 2021

RhymeShe celebrates bringing in the new year with a light-hearted wrap-up episode that speaks of all things 2020.

The spirited hosts are, this time, joined by guests: Hadley, Sweeney Gloria and Ebz. Once again, RhymeShe hits the target with inviting three individuals from different pockets of the UK’s music industry for one of their most dynamic chats to date.

Join the personalities for a retrospective discussion on the events of 2020 – which, of course, were nothing short of a movie. Watch above if you, too, have opinions on COVID-19, popular apps and the Black Lives Matter movement. Look out for more of RhymeShe here!