Rimzee reels us in with cold new visuals for “G Wagon”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

20 Apr 2020

Rimzee otherwise known as the “Rapper Trapper”, has arrived with first single of the year titled: “G Wagon”.  

This time he compares frosty tales that depict the struggles of his stint in prison with his current glitzy lifestyle, serving boastful bars like  “And his shoes from Harrods, and his shoes Italian, I’m far from average b*tch from Paris, lobster salad” and “Hang my pic on that cell door, when I was stuck in the Queens prison, now it’s six figures make the b*tch suck the dick different.” 

In addition to the track, Rimzee graced us with an accompanying visual which bounces between shots of the rapper in a cell and driving through Knightsbridge, with his leading lady. While picturesque clips of London are slotted throughout to set the scene for his luxurious lifestyle. 

Tune in to G Wagan above