Rising Songstress Yas VW Serves Nostalgic Vibes For “Be the One”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

5 Feb 2021

R&B’s promising songstress Yas VW has delivered the visuals to her latest nostalgic-esc track entitled “Be the One”.

Reputable for her dreamy sound, “Be The One” is enriched with a luxurious and rich production that compliments her butter-like vocals and all-round seductive feel. Encapsulating the 90’s R&B feel that we all grew up loving, Yas VW has found the perfect balance of nostalgia and the modern-day sound in order to pave a distinct lane of her own.

Commenting on the single, Yas VW added; “Be the One is a reminder that true love can be achieved. The guy that I’ve fallen for has lost hope that he’ll ever find that one person that he can experience the thrill of passion with. Searching but failing to find the one that can do this for him, he doesn’t realise that I’m right there under his nose the whole time, waiting for him to notice me. In this song, I am reminding him that if he takes a chance on me, he’ll experience that real love that he’s been craving. It may not be an easy journey, it may take time to reach a completely smooth ride of love, but once we get there it will be so worth it.”

Catch the visuals above.