Russ Millions & Buni Unleash Charged-Up ‘Plugged In’ Session

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

14 Jan 2021

Hitting us with a double-whammy, Fumez The Engineer followed through with a second ‘Plugged In’ session of the night, this time alongside Russ Millions and Buni.

Known for his energy-driven and fired-up approach, Russ Millions opens the session with an unquestionable level of greaze. Shelling the fierce Drill instrumental effortlessly, the emcee boasts his playful pen, spirited flows and self-assured confidence before Buni cuts through with a vigorous approach. Switching up the beat halfway through, the pair go back to back on the cruddy production for an electrifying ‘Plugged In’ installment.

Catch the ‘Plugged In’ session above. Check out the previous one here.