Samm Henshaw Shows Us The Making Of ‘Untidy Soul’ In New Mini-Doc

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

7 Feb 2023

Singer-Songwriter Samm Henshaw has celebrated the 1st anniversary of his debut album Untidy Soul and offers his supporters an intimate insight into the creative process and the global tour that followed.

Filmed by Dan Robinson, we see Samm building a DIY studio during the pandemic in order to complete his album with producer and close friend Josh Grant. After troubles with his record label, Henshaw believed that this project would never see the light of die until he cut ties in 2019 and became independent, leading to complete control for the artist.

Untidy Soul saw Samm gain global recognition, performing on James Corden’s show in America and embarking on a worldwide tour. The documentary follows the growth of Henshaw’s career as he tours the states and Asia. When talking about his shows, Samm states:

“The Untidy tour was a moment for me to be able to embrace the mess of life and who we are, but to be able to know that there is hope and change and leave all your concerns, worries, insecurities and anxieties outside for a moment and being able to be in that room.”

Samm is now back in the studio and we can expect to hear more music from him very shortly.