Sasha Keable Returns With Stunning Single “Exception”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

26 Feb 2021

The rising British songstress Sasha Keable has welcomed the new year with her succulent new single entitled “Exception”.

Enriched with a vulnerable and laid-back essence, “Exception” is a soulful drop that boasts Sasha’s renowned luxurious and rich sounding vocals throughout. The heart-wrenching ballad further highlights the pain in her captivating lyrics, sitting with ease over a piano-led backdrop the rising songstress has returned with an almighty bang!

Speaking on the release, Sasha Keable commented; “I wrote exception when I couldn’t accept my breakup, It was originally more tongue and cheek, less emotional, more from the viewpoint of ‘Just get over it and realise this breakup isn’t real, I know you want to be with me really, I’ll forget all this pain you’ve put me through if you just see you’ve made a bad call ending our relationship” Sasha speaks candidly on the single. “Over time I realised how stupid that was, the hope slowly faded away and I realised it was actually over, the song started to sound so sad to me, it was like I was blind when I wrote it. Having a song like Exception made me realise how quickly things can change. I never intended for it to come across so naive, but it really does, I wasn’t hurting when I wrote it, but when it came to production I was hurting a lot, the meaning had changed for me, and that’s where the sadness and desperation came from.”

Watch the visuals for “Exception” above.