Shaun Sky Pushes Artistic Boundaries In All-New “pretty” Cut

Mixtape Madness

By Mixtape Madness

Mixtape Madness

15 Jan 2021

Shaun Sky. Probably not somebody that masses have been acquainted with yet, but for those who know of him and his ability, won’t be shocked at the standard of his new record ‘pretty’. It’s time for him to get the recognition that he deserves. Not only is ‘pretty’ a great example of methodical wordplay, it’s a showcase of seamless cohesion between production, lyricism and visuals – it’s an all-round work of art. Directed by Joshua Allen, the black and white style video takes on a non-linear approach, exploiting unique angles and perceptions, adding to the enigma of the track.

‘pretty’ is also an example of how production doesn’t need to be over-complicated, just enough to make you feel a kind of way. I’m new to yokeyboypresents’ production, so I can’t judge based on an in-depth level of knowledge, but he nails what typifies a cypher-esque instrumental – a creation leaving ample space, opening the floor for straight bars.

Writing from the perspective of a fan, and having got to know Shaun, I know this guy takes pride in his creative output, and is a perfectionist to the very crux. I strongly recommend you hit up his Soundcloud to check out some of his work prior to this. Believe me when I say, this guy will become a familiar face. For rap fans, and those who appreciate authentic music, ‘pretty’ should be whacked straight into your playlists. If you’re reading this, I hope you take my advice.

Peep the visuals for “pretty” above.

Words by Josh Clubbe.