Sinead Harnett Graces Supporters With An Angelic Aaliyah “At Your Best (You Are Love” Cover

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

18 Jan 2021

As we celebrated what would have been Aaliyah’s 42nd birthday, Sinead Harnett blessed supporters with an angelic and captivating cover of the iconic track entitled “At Your Best (You Are Love”.

Paying homage to Aaliyah’s ever-lasting legacy, Sinead Harnett who is known for her distinct tone, sweet melodies and all-round quality artistry has combined all three for this compelling cover. Paired alongside a set of cinematic and aesthetically pleasing visuals, we see the songstress in various settings that compliment the track seamlessly.

Speaking on the cover, Sinead took to YouTube and commented; “When I first heard this song, I was a little girl and it was Aaliyah singing it. That intro. It stopped me in my tracks. Did my research and discovered it was a cover. The Isley brothers – wow they really did they’re thing!! Aaliyah went on to become one of my biggest forms of therapy. That angelic tone, the ridiculously beautiful delivery. It gave me comfort as a kid and through my teens up until now. A real RnB queen. So this is my lil acoustic rendition, my payment of homage to baby girl on her birthday tomorrow. Her legacy lives on and this song stays mending and breaking my heart all at once.”

Catch the visuals above.