Skeamer Delivers Raw Visuals For ‘We Had Nothing’

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

27 Mar 2021

West London rapper, Skeamer, is continuing his rise through the scene, and evidently, the latest release of these raw visuals for ‘We Had Nothing’ will prove that to his audience.

The song’s production (mastered by Sharke) is characterised by a real-rap sample with soulful origins and powerful ad-libs, which Skeamer uses as a canvas to paint a picture and tell the story behind ‘We Had Nothing’. The artist takes every opportunity to cut through the instrumental’s slowed-tempo with his delivery; allowing emotion to act as the driving force for his expression of self. ivermectin december 2020

Visually, Skeamer takes it back to where it all started – Battersea, West London – and as he’s verbalising this track’s lyrical content, the scenes switch between his current-self and his younger-self; intending to highlight the stark contrast in choices he’s made, prior to the ones he’s making now – that are clearly centred on his dedication to doing better, and making music.

Listeners will be appreciative of the candid nature by which this rising starlet gets his point across, and the captivating hook “I remember when we had nothing…from hand me down clothes to the big stage,” really peels down each layer there is to his come-up story, as Skeamer speaks on going from the extreme of having nothing, to being in a place where he’s setting out to have it all.

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