Skengdo, AM, Lil Rass, BM, Mini, Rack5, TY, & Mskum Join Fumez For A Special ‘Plugged In’ Session

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

1 Mar 2021

Fumez The Engineer has pulled out all the stops for this one! Tuning in for a special episode of his renowned ‘Plugged In’ sessions, he’s called on the likes of Skengdo, AM, Lil Rass, BM, Mini, Rack5, TY, and Mskum for a wheel-up worthy episode!

Following on from what’s been an impressive run for Fumez’s ‘Plugged In’ sessions, it’s safe to say the championed engineer has created something that not only pays its respects to many boast-worthy acts across the nation, but has also built a segment that has formed a lane of it’s own.

This time tapping into YouTube’s reputable reactors, Denz and Renz, Walkz and Dan and Kaz for this one-off special, each emcee takes their turn to hit the mic with a slew of cold bars that will leave your head-bopping for over 5 minutes straight! Housing a menacing production courtesy of Jester, this cold freestyle is enriched with straight greaze from start to finish and enables each rapper to effortlessly highlight their ever-growing artistry – lets face it, we always knew this one would slap!

Don’t miss out on this one!