Skepta disses Wiley on “Wish You Were Here”


By Sulay


4 Feb 2019

Skepta has come out the woodwork to answer Wiley’s oh-so-public derision. Back in October of last year, Wiley accused Skepta of treason for doing business with his long-time rival Dizzee Rascal. For those who don’t know: Wiley and Dizzee were closer than kin once upon a time, only to see their friendship into chaos over a stabbing some 15 years ago. Wiley would later take responsibility for the incident.

So, Wiley went ahead and labelled both his long-time rival and Skepta “frauds” and “paigons” for skulking behind his back – not to mention a second callout to Skepta for venturing out of pocket with non-domestic collaborations with Drake and A$AP Rocky. It would seem, Wiley is something of a Grime purist, perhaps even by his own admission. “I tell people to work with you, you tell people to ‘fuck Wiley. Fuck grime, I’m a pop star. Fuck all them man.’” Wiley tweeted in October.

“You and Skepta, I hope you’re happily ever after bruv.”

Now that we’re in February of 2019, Skepta deemed it appropriate to file his response on wax. “Wish You Were Here” is every bit the type of diss record that reads like a rap sheet. The second verse in particular summons tons of names to the gridlock, some more public than others. And when you do give it a listen, bear in mind, the Tim Westwood dubbing is both nauseating and necessary, at the same time. As far as the Grime scene is concerned, no greater platform exists than TimWestwoodTV for a commencement notice of this magnitude.