Sneakbo Stunts With Visuals For ‘Dripping’ – Featuring Still Greedy

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

20 Mar 2021

South-London music Veteran Sneakbo has returned with visuals for his latest release Dripping featuring Still Greedy and as hinted by the title; the pair intended to show viewers that this video would be portrayed in style.

The variation in icy and heated tones creates an aesthetically pleasing contrast; with shots interchanging between the electrifying performance of street dancers, and the fearless scenes taking place on a dual-carriageway as the artists drive by in opulent rides, accompanied by their crew mounted on mo-peds, just behind.

In this track, the Brixton legend and Still Greedy go back-to-back fluidly whilst delivering their verses – establishing a dynamic that is driven by power and creativity. With Lekaa Beats on the production, the instrumental which is dominated by the piano has drill origins and is lightly grazed by the sound of a sax throughout the beat variations; which is telling of Sneakbo’s style as an artist, when it comes to fusing elements of Afro-Beats into his music.

Concluding this portrayal is the compilation of the artist’s music video archives – which has a voiceover that highlight how far he has come, and foreshadows what he is yet to set his sights on to achieve.

Watch The Music Video For ‘Dripping’ Above! | ‘Dripping’ Available To Stream on All Platforms