Squeeks drop a wavey new visual for ‘Sneak Diss’


By Sulay


11 Mar 2019

North London rapper Squeeks has dropped wavey new visual, which is definitely one you should watch.  In ‘Sneak Diss, The Islington rapper gained acclaim for his music and has earned his place in the scene by being a massive contributor to the U.K. road rap music scene. His status as a veteran in the scene is re-established by this visual.

Squeeks new visual is incredibly original and creative, which is particularly impressive especially since many U.K. music videos recently has lacked creativity and originality. The fact that the rapper is so unapologetically himself, shows that he is a true artist. The old school vibes of the visual adds to the authenticity of the rapper as an artist.

The shots flash in and out, as well as the rotations and patterns used being extremely varied, showing how versatile the artist is. The aesthetic of this visual definitely is very wavey.

Squeeks has proved why he is a very unique artist. His originality and skills should not be questioned. Be sure to check out the wavey new visual down below now.