Want to know what’s ‘insane’? Watch here!

February 5, 2020 Sweeney Emanuel

It’s another upbeat tune for the party scene!

T Mulla has penned some of our favourite summer anthems, from Dollar Pound Cake to Droptop (ft Hardy Caprio). No matter what, his artistry means that we can always expect a banger — no pressure — and something to make us want to dance!

The beat (by whoelse) fuses two samples with Afro-Swing accents that has produced a feel-good, bouncy rhythm. What’s more ‘insane’ is the melodic rapper’s visuals and it was directed by one of the best in the game, Kirx. The video has storyline features, comedic flare and of course T Mulla being the ‘fly guy’.

Insane is available to watch above!