The Block Report: Is Wiley Back? IVD Getting Love Overseas?

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

15 Feb 2021

I mean, we’ve all seen it right?

Ivorian Doll‘s latest interactions with American musical figures and Wiley’s presence slowly infiltrating social networks again is the news that has been floating around our net-sphere this week. Flesh it out with our main man, Flashy Sillah, and don’t miss the full spill if you’ve been out of the loop!

The bench discussions always peak with a candid question from our host, who’s hot takes grow more and more intriguing. Does the U.K. scene still seek validation from the wider American market? A lot of us struggle to take one side of this argument, considering we’re still a budding scene with frequent breakthroughs in music that haven’t been seen in the past. We’ll let you, the people, decide.

So, what are this week’s hot music picks?

“Pot Whipper” – YP

“Roll Em Up” – Gully ft (Zone 2) LR

“YKTV” – OFB Bandokay x Double Lz x Izzpot

“Danger Hill” – 67 Dimzy x Monkey x SJ x AK x Silent x Dopesmoke

Tap in for more picks that include Ard Adz, Central Cee and Lancey Foux’ latest releases. Of course, there’s more where this has come from and you can catch the all episodes of The Block Report here!