The Block Report: SEASON 3 FINALE

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

15 Apr 2021

It’s the final episode of the season! 

Season 3 has consistently picked up on the hottest conversations, provoking thought points and big-time bangers – week in and week out. Flashy Sillah hits viewers one more time with essential news, including two great losses: missing student, Richard Okoroghere, and Hip-Hop icon, DMX. 

Hit rewind with our host, from episode 1 to 10, and tap into all of the bloopers and hilarious interactions we’ve seen so far on the show. You need the laugh! 

Ending the season on a lit night, Sillah plugs us with another handful of hot music picks: 

  1. “Versus” – SL x Millionz

2. “Find A Way” – Jimmy

3. “Price On My Head” – TE Dness

4. “Lil B*tch” – Miss Lafamilia

5. “V.E.T.S” – SinSquad

The Block Report will be back for Season 4 soon. Until then, lock into The Block Report playlist via Spotify.