Tolani Reveals Her Effervescent Afro-Pop Single “Badman”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

24 Jul 2020

Rising Nigerian singer Tolani’s effervescent afro-pop single Badman has just been released!

Written by Tolani, Badman highlights her distinctive, honeyed vocal that effortlessly flows on the mellow R&B, afrobeat production – a sound that’s also distinguished as altè amongst Nigerian natives. Sparked by a recent heartbreak, Tolani openly presents her vulnerable side on the song and encourages women to know their worth – she says: “that entire experience was so possessing it leaked into every day and every thought”.

Speaking on the single, Tolani commented; “’Badman’ is a song exploring the habit of getting caught up with the ‘bad boys’ so to speak… being drawn to that high. I feel like there’s this subliminal message that love isn’t love unless it’s turbulent in some way… and so, you get caught up in a cycle of looking for the wrong things in potential lovers.” 

Listen to Badman above.