#TPL’s BM, Mini & Sava Prove Why They Are ‘Next Up?’ In Cold Freestyle

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

30 Dec 2020

It’s safe to say the talent this year has been strong, posing as the 17th episode this season, TPL’s BM, Mini and Sava are the next three emcees to step up for Mixtape Madness’s signature ‘Next Up?’ freestyle.

Stood in-front of the trademark city landscape, BM, Mini and Sava deliver a hard-hitting freestyle that clocks in at just over 5 minutes long. Each known for their distinct sound and approach, we are welcomed with a haunting instrumental that encapsulates a melodic feel; glazing the beat with raw street poetics, we find ourselves transitioning into a bass-heavy Maniac-production half way through. Switching up the flow all whilst boasting their versatility, their assertive presence and punching bars take centre stage from start to finish.

Watch the latest installment of ‘Next Up?’ exclusively on Mixtape Madness above.