Vezzy Crooks Fly’s Straight With The Premiere of “Me vs Myself”

Mixtape Madness

By Mixtape Madness

Mixtape Madness

2 May 2021

A rap vet in the making, and he’s flying straight. Vezzy Crooks has landed with a new drop and here’s what some of the tastemakers at Mixtape Madness have to say about the arrival of “Me vs Myself“:

East London native Vezzy Crooks executes a deeply heartfelt delivery, showcasing his prodigious skill as a rising rapper. Contributing to the highly approved “real rap” sound prevalent throughout the UK, Vezzy attentively implements meaningful wordplay into his lyrics. Venting personal emotions on a reflective rap beat produced by Bigzy, Vezzy presents his fluidity in rap constructing 3 solid minutes of profound authentic bars. – Casey

Stepping back onto the scene, East London’s very own, Vezzy Crooks is serving an old-school, cinematic vibe with the visuals for “Me vs Myself“. Everything from the candid bars, through to the confident manner which he is demonstrating to viewers, matches up to the music video and provides a representation of a more evolved penman. As stated in his hook “don’t believe in destiny, I run my own fate,” the real rapper is placing an emphasis on a new chapter, and this next stage of his music journey; implying to supporters that his evolution is yet to unveil itself before us. – Amanda

Pree the visuals above.