Watch Chuckie Sit Down With Top Boy’s Jasmine Jobson For JD’s ‘In The Duffle’ Podcast

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

20 Jan 2020

Joining Chuckie for an in-depth interview, we start to learn more about Top Boy star Jasmine Jobson in the latest episode of JD’s In The Duffle podcast.

“For those who have got their head underneath a rock” says Chuckie as he kicks off the conversation referring back to the huge success of Top Boy that took to our screens last year. Playing the role of Jaq, Jasmine Jobson talks us through her journey so far including growing up in foster care, starting out her acting career through The Big House Theatre Company to her infamous role as Jaq in Top Boy.

Dropping some note-worthy gems throughout, Jasmine even touches on breaking down scripts in order to remember them, tapping in with genuine emotions on set and much more.

You can watch Jasmine Jobson and Chuckie on the latest instalment off In The Duffle above.