Watch Desiigner Play Pokemon Go


By Annelle


25 Jul 2016

When he’s not topping the charts, Desiigner spends his free time catching Pikachus and Squirtles, just like the rest of us. The 19-year-old “Panda” hitmaker shares his latest addiction, Pokémon Go, in a new video for GQ.

With his iPhone in hand, the animated MC runs through Central Park in his hometown of NYC screaming out his signature ad libs, and almost gets hit by a city bus while throwing out Poké Balls. In between hopping fences and running through fields, he gets recognized by fans.

“I got broads in Atlanta,” he tells one, referencing his No. 1 hit.

Yesterday, Desiigner unleashed the follow-up to “Panda,” “Tiimmy Turner,” off his upcoming debut The Life of Desiigner.

Watch him try to catch them all.