Watch The Second Episode Of ‘Drillosophy’ – Dissecting The Lyrics Of Pop Smoke, Krept & Konan, Knucks & More!

Ciaran and Reveal apply another intricate concept to UK rap lyrics!

May 14, 2020 Elle Evans

The second episode of Drillosophy ‘Therapy In The Trap’ is out!

In this weeks episode, roadworks co-founders Ciaran and Reveal apply the philosopher Aristotle’s concept of ‘catharsis’ to UK rap lyrics. They explore how storytelling in music can be a form of therapy by dissecting the lyrics of Ambush, Pop Smoke, Knucks and Krept & Konan. The episode also features guest appearances from Franklyn Addo and Ambush!

Watch the second episode of Drillosophy exclusively on Mixtape Madness above. You can watch the previous video here!