WEAREBLK’s Newcomer Phoenix Laoutaris Drops Captivating Cut “Flowers”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

12 Feb 2021

Born and raised in Totnes in Devon, the newcomer Phoenix Laoutaris has dropped her debut single entitled “Flowers”.

Signed to Imjustbait’s (Antz) and Abdi’s label WEAREBLK, the 19 year-old is the next exciting talent to arise from the label. Following on from her broadcast on the Imjustbait IGTV channel, Phoenix was seen playing an original single from her bedroom; and in just less than a year on, the songstress has landed with her debut single!

Defying all genres, “Flowers” is a slick blend of sounds that are reminiscent of Neo-Soul, R&B and Drill. Glazing her soulful vocals over the bouncing backdrop, Phoenix proves why she is a force to be reckoned with!

Speaking on the release, Phoenix commented; “The song pinpoints a moment and time in my life when I was coming to terms with the reality of relationships. That you can’t always trust what feels real. I’ve always been independent but I learnt to never put your independence onto another soul”. She adds, ”’Flowers’ was written as a cathartic release, hoping It would resonate with people in similar situations. I wanted it to be real and for people to feel my energy at that very moment. Pick a flower and it will die. That’s sometimes the reality”.

Listen to the track below and on other streaming platforms here.