Yizzy, Kaylee Kay & Jammz Discuss Racism, Politics & More On Rinse FM’s Grime Debate

A political conversation!

June 24, 2020 Elle Evans

or this week’s Grime Debate on Rinse FM, DJ Argue has brought together prominent young MCs Yizzy and Jammz and Female Allstars DJ Kaylee Kay for an insightful political discussion.

The four panelists speak on their experiences of racism and sexism in the music industry, going on to reflect on the scene’s political engagement and the legacy of Grime4Corbyn in a post-Corbyn era. Finally, picking up where Wiley’s interview left off, they discuss the need for ‘infrastructure’ in the scene such as black-owned record labels, with Yizzy and Jammz sharing their advice as the respective owners of Livin’ Legendz and I Am Grime.

Watch the Grime Debate above.