Yxng Dave delivers smooth new single “Coupe.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

6 Sep 2020

This week the half-Spanish, half-Columbian, Reading-based rapper — Yxng Dave, delivered his slick new record “Coupe.”

And let me tell you, if his next releases sound anything like “Coupe,” he will be set for big things this year!

Blending lush melodies, and an impressive line in french with a verse flexing his raw rap-style. Into a restrained concoction of percussion over-arched with contagious, guitar strums. The rising, prodigious star has supplied the streets with a certified slapper.

In the video, Dave drives round in… you guessed it, a Coupe! With transitions to clips of him surrounded by friends and performing his lyrics in remote areas.

Scroll up to watch the clean visual accompaniment above…