Zach Zoya Taps Angel For Slick Offering “Patience”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

2 Nov 2020

Montréal’s rising rapper, singer and songwriter Zach Zoya, has enlisted the UK’s very own Angel for their brand new slick track titled, Patience.

Featured on Zach Zoya’s EP titled, Spectrum, Patience reflects the balance between chasing your dreams and staying present within the moment – relatable for many creatives within the scene! Both known for their smooth and butter-like vocals, Angel and Zach compliment each other’s tone seamlessly.

Speaking on the release, Zach commented; “‘Patience’ is a precious song, it’s the highlight of the EP for me,” says Zoya. “It’s about the long and tough road to happiness and the paradox that comes during that chase. I talk about that in the song when I say, ‘Every time I think of joy, I lose a little’ and ‘If I keep chasing happiness I’ll never find it, I think it’s just a matter of where your head is at.’ This song is me trying to remind myself that I’m in happiness right now, living this journey.”

Watch the visuals for Patience above. Listen to his ‘Spectrum’ EP here.