Zakhar Shares Introspective Banger ‘DND’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

14 Jul 2022

17 year old North Londoner Zakhar releases introspective banger ‘DND’ via 5k Recordswith production by Danish born, West London based Morten Lava. Possessing both touches of melancholy and hope, this earworm chronicles navigating an undefined romantic relationship. Using his vulnerability and authenticity as his superpower Zakhar expresses needing to focus on himself while also ‘waiting for your true side to reveal’ and perfectly encapsulates the pull and push of two people intertwined.  

In his first collaboration with director Mani J (NInes, Kenny Allstar), Zakhar is seen in a manor house with the scenes cutting between a party featuring his friends and a disagreement between him and his love interest. He explores feeling torn and having to entertain to sides of himself. 

Zakhar explains: “I wanted to create a toxic love song, with a summer feel to it about a girl I wanted but didn’t want to get too close.”

Possessing the talent and skills to both rap and sing, Zakhar often exists between both worlds. Because of his love of music by the likes of Justin Bieber, Dave and Stormzy, his music has developed alongside the emergence of melodic rap in the UK.