Prod By: Ebz’s Choice #3

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Mixtape Madness

28 Apr 2021

Returning for the third edition of the ‘Prod By: Ebz’s Choice‘ series, a new set
of four producers enter the framework. As we continue to dive into the lifestyle of
some of our favourite and upcoming producers, presenting everything from
their childhoods, their way of work, escapades and their past and present mindsets; in
this edition we speak with these talented beat-smiths and pick out more advice from these promising talents. Now… Shall we?


The Luton-born 18-year-old Multi-Platinum Billboard producer, Ty, who is formerly known as TyyBeats, production journey started from secondary school. Through using his cousins old iMac that struggled to run but still worked, he heard a drill beat called “Gang” produced by Major Beatz and prodbyzach – which is sadly not on YouTube anymore. Instantly falling in love with the sound, he decided to take it up; “The beat was so hard. I heard this beat and I just thought… I have to make beats”, Ty commented.

When it comes to his influences, the names are not short of talented; some of which include YozBeatz, Rxckson and 808Melo for drill sounds, to specific producers like Yoz, Ty’s favourite sample-chopper, “He taught me how to do it properly”, he added. His strengths production wise right now stands with Drill, “Naturally because this is what I do more of right now. I do think my Trap beats are quite good though”.

When going on to discuss his placements, two of them work quite well to highlight the magnitude of his biggest job yet. 5iveBeatz had seen his work with M24 and had given Ty acknowledgement “I’m gonna send you stuff to work on”. Ty also knew 5ive was good friends with Wondagurl but wasn’t too aware they were working together. Having woken up from a nap one day to be told Pop Smoke and Travis Scott were in a studio together playing beats he had worked on, “I was like bro that’s crazy… Just to think those guys are taking in my work”, Ty commented. The following day he had been told to check Pop’s story and “Aim For The Moon” featuring Quavo was being previewed; he never thought it was his beat because it didn’t sound like what he had remembered but after being told “check again” he then saw the production credits of 5iveBeatz, Wondagurl, 808Melo and TyyBeats, “Oh my. I was so gassed… Everything was going crazy… This was just my second placement. Too much was running through my head”.

Ty has proven himself to be a very long-term thinker with his career already “I don’t even call myself a producer. I call myself a composer” and has already attempted film scores and video game soundtracks. With the aim to capture more placements so he is not seen or boxed in to one specific sound, Ty is also perfecting his trap-style instrumentals to obtain many more US placements. The London native would also like to work with more UK artists if given the chance in the future. With the quality of his beats, current understanding, and experience of the game at his age, I have no doubt we’ll see more of Ty in the coming years. What do you think?


21-year-old Lovelife from Birmingham, more specifically, a small town located outside the city called Redditch, lives an up-and-coming producer who’s already caught the eyes of many. Wiz Khalifa and ASAP Rocky were two of the first rappers he was invested in and he would download their mixtapes and production credits, “I’d see prod dot followed by someone’s name and I’d be like what does that even mean”, added Lovelife. He’d go onto type the names he saw into online search engines, “I’d see these young guys making these instrumentals and I just think that is so sick… I just wanted to do it”, which swiftly led to him downloading FL studio around four years ago at just 17 years old.

When talking about his influences, his favourite producer of all time is Cardo (CardoGotWings), alongside Metro Boomin who is also up there for Lovelife. His strengths in production lye within his melodies, “I spent a whole year last year not even making beats… literally just making melodies” alongside his versatility “It’s rare that I’ll make two of the same type of beat in a row”, he added. When speaking of specific genres, Lovelife believes hard trap style beats or R&B instrumentals are where he shines. Placements for Lovelife include: J.I.’s “Washing Away My Sins (Outro)” to his ‘Welcome to G Starr Vol 1’ EP with Palaze, “Raining Racks” with Cash Molly on Lil Tracy’s ‘Designer Talk 2’ project, to his co-production on “Part 2” with Donn Suave and Critical Beats on YFN Lucci’s ‘Wish Me Well 3’ album, the second part of French The Kid’s “Daily Duppy”, Digga D’s track “Gunman Sound” with assistance from Chris Rich and “Tension” alongside Bkay on Central Cee’s ‘Wild West’ mixtape – the list goes on!

Lovelife drops some gems in regard to “off days”, informing us to make sure that something productive is done on that day but still allows you the time to recharge. Spending those days off sending emails, instrumental packs out, reaching out to people, creating kits and all things ‘admin’ will “make you feel good”, he commented.  The Birmingham native hopes for one of the albums/projects he has worked on to go Silver. One of his main goals is to be part of a big UK single because “The singles are the ones that really change your career”, as well as bagging some American album placements too, “I’m just trying to build my catalogue this year”, he said. Refusing to be a disposable producer, Lovelife looks to continue his run of achievements this 2021. How much more of Lovelife will we see this 2021? Stay tuned!


Hailing from Devon, 19-year-old Mason started the main part of his production career at the beginning of 2020. Influenced by the likes of Wheezy and CuBeatz, to the UK’s very own M1ontheBeat in which he adds “If it’s an M1 beat? I’d like that song”, not to mention Tefo and Swidom who “are both always inspiring me to try new things… Swidom’s always doing these crazy melodies and that always inspires me on how to incorporate similar things into my work”. Mason believes Drill is heading in a great direction as the genre steers clear from some of its older sounds and the sub genres are beginning to come through and shine globally.

His most notable placement, as well as his first major one, is Fredo’s ‘Daily Duppy’ which has since accumulated a mind blowing 21 million views. One morning, hungover and in a bad mood, Mason was contacted by Fredo and his management to confirm that his instrumental was used for the ‘Daily Duppy’, “My head was gone… someone said do you wanna get Maccies [McDonalds] and I couldn’t even eat”, he said. Some of his placements include “Taco” by 98s, “Pending” by OFB’s YF x DZ with Ghosty, “Pull Up” by Isong, V9’s “Evil” alongside Tefo, the Groundworks Cypher with Nicknamez, ArrDee’s “Cheeky Bars (Freestyle)” and more recently “Drip Sensei” by RV and Frosty – just to name a few!

The record label “From the streets for the streets”, Bermuda Music, are a group of “good guys” Mason goes on to say, who have helped with obtaining more placements but “it’s more than that”, Mason and other producers tend to be faced with paperwork which can be hard to understand, “I have no clue what’s going on in most of these contracts but it’s so nice to give Bermuda a call and boom, they’ve got it sorted and it takes so much weight of my shoulders knowing I’m not signing dodgy stuff”.

As we gear up for the year ahead Mason already has goals in place which fuel him, “Personally, I’m only just getting started. I never sit there and think I’m good because I’ve produced a Daily Duppy. I feel like I’m never doing enough.”. He would like to enter the UK charts but mainly be involved in an album that can obtain a UK #1 as well as more consistency in major song placements, “I don’t want people to be able to rest… I want people to be able to hear what I am creating”. Does 2021 belong to MasonxBeats? Let’s see!


Straight from Hertfordshire, 20-year-old H1K is currently studying at university all whilst pursuing his production career. With lockdown occurring last year, this gave him a further push to take his career in production to the next level, “I had even more of an excuse to go for it”. Now, the beat-smith has been producing for a total of four years with the last two being focused purely on his work within drill that we currently know him for.

His initial influences which provided him a nice basis for his renowned drill sound follow from the likes of MkThePlug, M1onthebeat and HL8. H1K is a fan of ambient melodies, he makes sure to implement them on drill by experimenting with trap style infusions as well as making the “Jumpy NY Drill Type Beats” that have been recently taking over; H1K is heavily inspired by the current musical landscape as well as his peers such as ajdoneit, Zenith and more. The first two years of his production were mainly trap style beats and these instrumentals ranged from Atlanta Trap to Playboi Carti and M Huncho style beats.

The record label Ten Percent Music [TPM] have been looking after H1K and have been creating a variety of new opportunities such as the TPM studio sessions that have enabled him to work closely with their roster of artists.

H1K’s Placements include C1’s ‘Plugged in’ with Fumez The Engineer, JB Scofield’s ‘Mad About Bars’, Abra Cadabra’s “Spin This Coupe” with Zenith, “Flicky” with ajdoneit, to SD Muni’s “Same Bros” alongside Ludo, “Can’t Rate” for Yanko x Kayzed and an instrumental used as part of the Groundworks Cypher. His standout placement for H1K is quite the story; the “Outro” on 67’s ‘Quarantined’ project was his first big placement. It began as a simple Drill beat until his sister – who is a talented singer – had walked into the room and he asked, “Could you sing a few notes into the mic for me quickly please… Some flat long sounding vocals”, which he then proceeded to chop up and lay down over the beat creating a new melody. Next thing you know, one morning H1K and his sister woke up to find 67 have used the same beat.

H1K’s goals for this 2021 are as follows, having already bagged a spot on the UK Official Charts with Abra Cadabra’s “Spin This Coupe” at #49, as well as working on his EP named ‘Product Of My Environment’ which peaked at #29 on the Album Charts; “I want to say a Top 10, but at the same time I don’t want to disappoint myself if I don’t achieve that”. But his main focus is to simply make good music, “If I can focus on making what I believe is good music and the other stuff comes with it, then that’s good enough for me”. Will H1K accomplish what he’s set out to achieve this year? Lock in and find out!

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