Top 5 Picks: Digga D

Mixtape Madness

By Mixtape Madness

Mixtape Madness

26 Feb 2021

Cementing himself as one of the UK’s top Drillers, Digga D has become a force to be reckoned with! Following on from his highly awaited return last summer, the London native is slowly becoming a house-hold name for many across the nation. Housing a slew of chart-topping tracks behind him, we’ve taken a deeper dive into his discography! As we celebrate the release of his highly awaited ‘Made In The Pyrex’ mixtape, we have selected our top 5 picks – in no particular order – from Digga D’s catalogue! What are your top 5 tracks?

“Next Up? Freestyle”

Digga D is the epitome of Mixtape Madness’ coveted ‘Next Up?’ series. In a chilling dispatch, the West London MC could not have predicted the beginning of what is now his soaring rap career. His status as Drill’s newcomer came in an impressive manner that was both instantaneous and effortless. The impact that the young talent’s short verse made is non-debatable, with a freestyle that soon became famous for its choppy flow and airtight rhyming couplets: “Don’t talk like you’re bad, you ain’t on that. Combat, juice gon’ spill like cognac.” Moving crowds of listeners to chant his gangster-motivated bars, word for word, spoke volumes for Digga D who was still just establishing himself as an artist. Now a certified silver freestyle, the rapper’s staple lyrics against Jamma Beats’ chilling production will sit in U.K. Drill’s hall of fame! What a way to introduce himself. Sweeney Gloria


Anchored by the skitters of its hard hitting drum pattern which over-arches a ghostly chord-loop crafted by M1OnTheBeat. Treading atop, Digga D and Sav’o lay down cold and slightly conversational verses which carry a assertive energy that is bound to have you blasting the track where ever you are, while spitting along. – Rehana Harmony


The song that took over the summer of what has been referred to as a “terror-dome” of a year, Digga D came and blew our lockdown blues away with this one! Following on from his short hiatus away, “Woi” was the entry that shook up the scene imminently. Laced with a top-notch M1 On The Beat production, the London native sprinkled the backdrop with his signature adlibs that have since been echoing up and down the nation. In glazing the beat with an assortment of street poetics, Digga touches on his time away and trapping as well as the politics that come with it. Introduced with an infectious hook, his catchy pen game has since been championed and rightfully so; “Who’s that my man? / Jump out, fry man / Why’s he leaving his right hand? / Ayy, come back and back your boy / Woi, woi, woi, woi, woi, woi, woi”  – Elle Evans

“No Diet”

“Whip it, set it, flick it, chef it,” – these are the renowned lyrics a crowd would have
called out using the power of their lungs at any function pre-lockdown, had the DJ
spun Digga D’s “No Diet”. Produced by Ghosty, there’s no disputing how the hint of darkness grazing the track’s instrumental, crafts a unique sound quality that diverges from the hyped-up way in which Digga delivers his verses. Fueling this song’s erratic energy, are the adlibs as their presence adds character complimentary to the excitement created by the artist through his punchy tone. Much like Digga’s other hits, “Woi” and “Chingy (It’s Whatever)”,”No Diet” possess that same ability to get bodies moving, and moshing. – Amanda Da Great


“What’s Love?”

As we know there are way too many Digga D bangers to list, so we decided to throw in a slight curve ball here. With “What’s Love?” taken from his 2019 masterpiece ‘Double Tap Diaries’ shows Digga in a vulnerable state and from his most recent entry, “Toxic”, it is a state he has grown well out of. Nonetheless its a beautiful rap ballad set to a fluttering piano-led beat, over which he uses a slow tone to outlining his feelings towards a number of topics, such as; betrayal, crime, incarceration and of course… love, in a conversational manner. – Rehana Harmony

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