“In all my music, what I try and do is say something; leave some sort of story or message for the listener and that’s never changed,” – In Talks With Soul-Alt Artiste Abimaro

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

8 Oct 2021

Blending emotive sounds with her unique artistry to create compassionate pieces for listeners to immerse themselves into is a speciality for South-East London, Alternative-Soul artiste, Abimaro. Her candid cuts built on authenticity and truth, are representative of the songstress’ self-expressive nature, and highlight the vulnerability she transitions into her sonics. ivermectin api reference price  Without You, marks the most recent release by the songstress and having already built anticipation around her name, it was time we caught up with her for an In Talks.

Do you want to share a bit about your music journey so far?

Yeah! So, I’ve been doing music for a while now and I think the main aim I’ve always had, is to write honest music that I can connect with, and which connects with other people. I’m a real fan of honest, pure music where the voice is at the centre, and the lyrical journey is really prominent. In all my music, what I try and do is say something; leave some sort of story or message for the listener and that’s never changed really which is so nice looking back. I started out with a band mainly, and that was my first go at writing songs with people before I started focusing on my own stuff and really developing my voice and what I wanted to say.

Obviously, a lot of artists don’t like to box themselves up in one specific genre, but if there is a music category that speaks to you which one would It be? oral ivermectin dose for dogs

Yeah, it’s hard, isn’t it! A lot of artists don’t like to box themselves up, I feel that a lot of my music has an element of Soul and a real connection with melodies. I love beautiful melodies and I try and look for that in what I listen to. I’ve been listening to a lot of Cleo Sol and Leon Bridges, and people that really inspire me with their melodies. I’m attracted to warm sounds as well, and although there’s the Soul element in my music, there are Alternative elements too. I like to be open to what the song needs. 

You touched on the influences and artists that you listen to, are there any tracks that you’re spinning right now that are inspiring you to make music?

I’ve been obsessed with Leon Bridges, he released his new album Gold Diggers and there’s this one song on there Why Don’t You Touch Me – I love it! I was listening to it with a friend actually and she was like “do you think that guys feel like this,” and we were talking about it, and it’s just like a very vulnerable song, and it’s interesting to hear that kind of song from a male perspective; so that’s literally been on rotation. I love listening to the people around me who I’ve seen grow! Like Fran Lobo – she’s an incredible artist – Vernon Spring, Sam Best who produced Without You he’s an amazing artist in his own right; just really incredible people who I’ve seen their journey. I also love listening to music that’s been around for a while and I’ve been trying to learn from Nina Simone recently, and Curtis Mayfield.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

Ooh, a fun fact! I lived in Ethiopia for two years when I was younger!

How was that?

It’s one of my earliest memories so I don’t remember much, but it felt like paradise, to be honest. It’s all good memories.

You have collaborative artwork with your sister, what is it like working together?

My sister is an incredible visual artist, and she creates messages with colour and text as well. ivermectin brand name for horses She makes this bold artwork that’s not only expressed through colour and pattern, but also through words, and we’ve had the privilege of travelling around together, and going to lots of different places, especially in the States – and we’ve always collaborated, I think our biggest piece was in Las Vegas! She’s an amazing singer as well; when I was younger, I was always like “wow, I hope I’ll be able to sing like her one day!”  so we’ve done a lot of things together, but she kind of took the route with art and I took the route with music.

Are there any projects or releases we can be excited about in the coming future?

Yes! I’m working on an EP at the moment, and it will hopefully be out by the end of this year. It will have five brand new songs that I’ve been pouring my heart into, and they sound similar to Better and Without You but they dig a bit deeper because they’re in a new season of my life, and show some different stories that I’m telling.