AE drop their live session for ‘Not Your Girl’ & ‘Capri Sun’

Shelby Briggs

By Shelby Briggs

Shelby Briggs

25 Oct 2023

Monochrome sessions & AE drop their live monochrome session and it’s one for the books! The stripped down, monochrome visuals enhance how raw the song is, and why AE are in a different lane. The live session maintains their unique blend of lo fi drill, R&B & Hip-hop elements. It finishes with Capri-Sun, the latest addition to their string of successful singles.

From their explicit pen game, to their unapologetic promiscuous personality & authentic vocals this live session goes to show how much talent the dynamic duo have. The duo show off their synergy as they go back & forth and have banter during the transitions. It sounds just as good as the official, which if you haven’t heard already you can check out here!