Amaria BB Calls On Skillibeng For New Single – Fundz

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

3 Oct 2021

Following the whirlwind success of Slow Motion, East London artist Amaria BB calls on Jamaica’s Skillibeng for her follow up – Fundz.

Per usual Amaria excels on the track, her sweet-toned vocals ride the Dre Skull beat with ease. Catchy chorus followed by Skillibeng’s staccato delivery, Fundz is the perfect sequel to her previous release. Rising meteorically over the last few years, the Hackney native’s signature fusion of R&B and Dancehall has caught online attention. With Slow Motion yet to leave Tik Tok’s trending list, Amaria BB is slowly cementing her place as one to watch.

Discussing the team up with Skillibeng, Amaria BB explains: “Skilli is a real one, we connected on a different subconscious level. He already knew the team I was in Jamaica with, so that helped with the chemistry. For me, being in Jamaica is no different from my bits (Hackney), but Skilli still went out of his way to make me feel welcome. We approached Fundz on different waves, but it worked like a sweet and savoury dish.”

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