Chuckie Online Drops His Biggest ‘HalfCast Podcast’ Interview Yet With The UK’s Very Own Global Icon Ed Sheeran

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

9 Nov 2021

Following the release of his powerful ‘=’ album debuting at #1 in the UK charts, Ed Sheeran joins thriving UK podcaster Chuckie Online for an insightful and vulnerable chat.

Talking on love and heartbreak, highs and lows in his career and a lot more – A main topic touched on which has been highlighted by many audiences is Ed Sheeran’s appreciation for the black music scene – reflective of the podcast title ‘I Feel Accepted’. Talking on this, Ed Sheeran says “The Black British music scene is the only music community that roots for me”.

A massive, well-deserved scope of exposure for podcaster Chuckie Online, this talk is undeniably one to watch. With a huge platform and career built from the ground up, Ed Sheeran has nothing but stories to tell!

Tap in and support Chuckie Online in his latest interview with Ed Sheeran above!