Review: Final Thoughts on Dave’s Certified-Silver, ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ Album

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Mixtape Madness Bloggers

31 Jul 2021

The two-year deadlock since the premiere of Psychodrama was finally broken on the 19th July 2021, as Dave unveiled the next chapter of his music journey with his enchanting Sophomore We’re All In This Together, which has already hinted at the limitless potential for the kind of award nominations it is yet to receive, and how it is set to go down in history of UK Rap.

Seeing as this body of work has already charted at number one within the first week – obtaining a certified Silver status – it was time Mixtape Madness sat down to score all 12 tracks, and unpack the layers that have compiled this project. 

1. We’re All Alone

An intro is an element within a project Dave is evidently attentive to, previously seen on Picture Me and Psycho, with an aim to impactfully introduce and set the tone for the entirety of the project. We’re All Alone captures the reality of his current and past life he has experienced, relaying it through deep-felt lyricism accompanied by an abundance of flows we have never heard from Dave before. With two verses, both of different tempos – Dave reminds audiences of his admired story-telling abilities, reflecting on his pain as a young black man in the UK, as well as a thriving musician. The two gripping verses give us an insight of the project’s balance of meaningful tracks and those that give off a more up-beat energetic vibe. As always, Dave executed the intro significantly well with a chilling production by Kyle Evans, Nana Rogues and Dave himself. – Casey

Dave set a mature tone for the album with We’re All Alone using extravagant bars to detail experiences across the spectrum of his current lifestyle from the flights he’s catching, down to the cultured foods he’s had the pleasure of enjoying – whether it’s “gamberoni pasta… mozzarella or fettuccini” – but away from the high life leading the forefront of this opening track, the rapper doesn’t hold back on showing his vulnerability growing up deprived of all those things. He pays homage to his origins story; the hunger, the drive that birthed SANTAN Dave, and one thing he’s always going to do, is thank his fans in the process. – Amanda

Rating: 8/10

2. Verdansk

The excitement for Verdansk throughout the year has been unmatched, as Mr Psychodrama set high hopes, following the release of multiple snippets that isolated different parts of the song – and despite the wait being excruciatingly long, it was definitely worth it. With Kyle Evans showing out to be a true master of the production, Verdansk hones orchestral undertones that create a work with film-score potential. There’s a saying that ‘the best songs are always the shortest’ and this track is proof of that, because it builds up a hype, and leaves you on a high, that you simply don’t want to withdraw from. The mosh pits at the live show when David performs this, are due to be phenomenal. – Amanda

A highly anticipated drop raising hype around the viral snippet, Dave finally gives audiences what they’ve been waiting for. Verdansk is a more energetic follow up to the intro, providing a refreshing, inviting sound into the listen of the album as people are able to gage familiarity from the track. The song itself gives what is expected, accompanied by more or less, one steady flow throughout. To the average listener, this would undeniably resonate with them without a doubt, predominantly through the emphasised wordplay. Dave’s ability to implement new rap flows into his artistry has stood out significantly – This track is clear to be a fan’s favourite! – Casey

Rating: 7.5/10

3. Clash – ft. Stormzy

Being WAAITT’s leading single prior to the project, Clash is potentially one of Dave’s best ever collaborations. As an artist renowned for deep-Felt, story-telling and even political music making, Dave has constantly showed that he is also a hit maker. Enforcing a ridiculously catchy “Jordan 4’s and Jordan 1’s” hook, Dave incorporates a variety of flows throughout his verses maintaining a gripping vibe through witty wordplay. Tapping respected UK artist and friend Stormzy, he provides a distinctive cadence letting off his impressively elegant delivery. This collaboration was anticipated for a very long time and was undeniably worth the wait! Showcasing their effortless chemistry, Dave and Stormzy put together a stand-out track on the Album! – Casey

Using Clash for the Album’s rollout was the ultimate power move as the song see’s two of South London’s finest uniting for the creation of a boastful, chaotic collaboration that allows for them to flex in a way that is subtle, but extremely admirable. The insane switch in production at 2:44 doesn’t go unnoticed as this surprising turn provides an avenue for thepair to go back-to-back, prior to the captivating hook being resumed. Given that Clash has Drill Origins, alongside the comedic One” adlib heard throughout, it makes sense that Santan and Stormz brought an artist chemistry, that resembles the energy they came with on for their individual collaborations with Headie One. – Amanda

Rating: 8.5/10

4. In The Fire

This is a champion’s call where David summoned the Avengers of UK Rap to create something undeniably beautiful. Despite each rapper’s flow and artistic approach being for the most part different and tailored to them; what really unites Fredo, Meekz, Ghetts, Giggs and Dave is their common trait of being street rappers. Real rappers. In The Fire’s instrumental is like a musical limbo (think Christopher Nolan’s Inception) – the sonic qualities are built upon productions within productions, and it’s highlighted by the transitions that fit each rapper’s style as they take over in the relay of raw verses detailing hardships, and what it really means to be In The Fire. Amanda

An unexpected surprise. Old gen meets new. This track is without a doubt, the epitome of UK Rap music. A link up with Fredo, Meekz, Ghetts, Giggs and Dave, with a successful verse from each and every artist present. Laying down heart-felt words on an almost ‘spiritual’ production infused with the soothing vocals of Florida Mass Choir – the song is no less than perfection. With the biggest names in music on one beat, not much more can be said rather than its incredible sense of artistry and competence throughout. In The Fire alone gives the Album serious plausibility, due to the impeccable quality of the track. – Casey

Rating: 10/10

5. Three Rivers

An instantly captivating production with an attention-gripping use of piano keys and violin strings introduces the track. Dave expresses political and social topics such as Immigration, Windrush, Wars and the entirety of the world’s unfair injustice. Three Rivers is a reflection of the era’s addressed throughout the track. Never failing to use his platform as a voice for the people and the community, Dave’s insistence of including this meaningful track in the Album was expected. As a young yet powerful figure – Dave’s impact is carried throughout his music using this power to help those that need the help. With an emotional delivery, Three Rivers undeniably reflects some of Dave’s old releases, allowing audiences in with a sense of familiarity. – Casey

A conscious, piano-heavy piece that incorporates nostalgia seeing as it holds similarities to the musical components and topics touched on in Black, but this time the Streatham legend pays homage to an array of cultural back-story’s character to London city, and the United Kingdom in general. Dave demonstrates an acquired skill that’s able to find resonation with an array of different ethnic groups and unify them through the messages he puts out in his music, serving his purpose as the voice of the people. – Amanda

Rating: 7/10

6. System ft Wizkid

System mirrors Location’s club-anthem potential as Dave has linked up with superstar Wizkid for the delivery of this tropical composition. Initially the title gives off a conscious impression which as a long-time listener sets the expectation for System to have a similar feel as JAE5’s Dimension (featuring Skepta & Rema); nonetheless small pockets of political awareness shine through on both artists’ verses on an eccentric, laid-back basis. The song has also shown out to be a fan favourite and will go on to get bodies moving when played at any motive this summer, and for summer’s to come. – Amanda

Reminiscent of ‘Psychodrama’, Location stood as the biggest summer-time track featuring Afrobeat star Burna Boy. This time round, Dave taps Wizkid on System for a feel-good hook providing a promising vibe. Both of Nigerian heritage, the two thriving artists go hand in hand on this energetic release! This track offered an up-beat, exciting element to the Album, a song that everyone can listen to and feel the light! – Casey

Rating: 7.5/10

7. Lazarus ft Boj

Entering the track with high energy, once again Dave showcases his sense of versatility. Demonstrating his ability to deliver a laid-back delivery, whilst remaining to bar effortlessly with a likeable attitude potentially perceived as ‘arrogant’ – when Dave gets in this mood, the track always comes through strongly. With an Afro-infused hook, Nigerian artist Boj blesses the track with a standout hook, providing a summertime feel, adding to the greatness of the Album so far. – Casey

Much like Location, Lazarus takes Afro-fusion to a different level; with Dave opening up on a dominant tone that demands respect, whilst Boj uses his native tongue to provide the chorus with an exotic touch. As previously seen in Calling Me Out, there are humorous lines sprinkled into the verses intended to leave listeners smirking; it’s the perfect follow through from System (featuring Wizkid), as it maintains the up-beat essence in this segment of the album. – Amanda

Rating: 8/10

8. Law Of Attraction ft. Snoh Aalegra

Law of Attraction unravels Dave’s inner lover-boy; presenting a softer side built on being a hopeless romantic. This persona is smoothly woven into the lyrical content which idealises many concepts related to modern-day dating; setting us up to enter our feels and remain in them. Snoh Aalegra is a perfect addition to the emotive nature seen in Law of Attraction, as she makes use of her glorious voice on the main hook and gentle adlibs embedded throughout, to aid Dave in formulating this angelic love song. – Amanda

A collaboration with the incredible vocalist, song writer, artist – Snoh Aalegra, this link up was an exciting one for many people. The emotive energy incorporated by both parties was evident, coming together to create an outstanding piece of art. Their smooth melodic deliveries complemented each other extremely well, through Snoh’s beautifully executed hook alongside Dave’s heart-felt verses. This collaboration is a huge steppingstone to Dave’s route to bridging the gap between UK and US music. Having been done before by UK greats such as Skepta, at just 23 Dave is on the way to doing the exact same thing! – Casey

Rating: 8/10

9. Both Sides of A Smile (ft. James Blake) 

Starting off the track with an emotive delivery, James Blake captures the audience’s attention keeping them engaged in awe with his verse. The song’s three-part significance alongside James allows Dave to step in, providing a deep-love based verse reflective of the song title. Rising rapper ShaSimone embeds her feelings into the verse, allowing a necessary impact to be made. Her raw expression implemented into the song is so clear, exceeding her standards and putting her levels at an all-time high. Dave’s significance in this track stands out predominately in the final verse. A verse filled with passion, pain and transparency. Dave opens up to listeners on his love life. His perspective on love is expressed in a way so delicate yet truthful. Both Sides Of A Smile is a solidly worked track, beautifully put together with a soothing, gentle compilation of vocals and instruments on the production. – Casey

A love-story gone wrong; a modern-day Shakespeare that’s portrayed through music, Both Sides of a Smile showcases the incredible peaks Dave can reach upon entering his Alt-Indie bag, and it was definitely not expected. James Blake and ShaSimone’s craft delivered, creating a track that diverges from the norms of a regular heart-break song, as Blake inflames the distressing feelings brought about by the sad-tempo in the production, and Simone dominates with her re-enactment of a female POV in the given scenario; leaving two lovers in unresolved circumstances, filled with hurt. Both Sides of a Smile is anarchic, yet compelling in ways that are difficult to express through words alone. – Amanda

Rating: 9.5/10

10. Twenty To One 

It’s clear he can demonstrate a multi-faceted nature when it comes to utilising other sound styles but unfortunately, Twenty to One doesn’t quite match the levels of the remaining well-composed works on WAAITT. Nevertheless, Dave shows that he can be experimental by homing in elements of wave music to fine-tune his vocals on the hook, that mesh with the soothing, slow-paced Trap-like instrumental, presenting us with a different angle to his artistic abilities – Amanda

Similar to Voices, Dave shows no anxiety to showcase his vocal ability throughout his music. Potentially not everyone’s preferable go-to, although Dave once again delivers his notable versatility upon the skippy production. Fusing elements of rap on the verses, this stands out over the hook without a doubt. However, the catchiness of the track is undeniable, and many listeners will find themselves reciting the hook or replaying the track. – Casey

Rating: 6/10 (we still love you David)

11. Heart Attack 

Continuing from Panic Attack on Six Paths, Dave sets pace with follow up track, Heart Attack, accompanied by the exact same opening line. Unleashing his raw emotions based around growing up in London, relationships and family – Dave puts his heart on the track with a panicky delivery, presented through a slightly erratic, engaging tone of voice. Dave’s journey in music so far has undeniably been a battle and its reflective on this track. The incredible lyricism showcased throughout stands out, followed by a fulfilling acoustic rap outro. Heart Attack displays a powerful, impactful, meaningful message. – Casey

Heart Attack parallels with Panic Attack – going on to reach new heights with the extensive measures that have been taken summon a ghost of the past, as Dave pours his soul into being self-expressive, whether it’s going to be on the siren-fused acoustics that graze the opening segment of the track, or in sheer emptiness – with no instrumental backing him – like a true poet. Its intentions lie with leaving listeners reminiscent of the Six Paths era where it all begun. The title, Heart Attack, speaks for itself. Enough said. – Amanda

Rating: 8.5/10

12. Survivors Guilt 

Adopting a title which by definition is “a condition where an individual experiences feeling of self-guilt, as a result of surviving a traumatic event that other’s did not,” Survivors Guilt is definitely among Dave’s best pain tracks, joining the likes of My 19th Birthday, Environment and Panic Attack. Calling on J Money to supplement the vocals, aided with accentuating the sombre side to this sonic; making it more prominent to listeners, so that everything experienced by Dave, throughout the span of his life, can also be experienced by us; serving as a reminder that We’re All Alone In This Together. – Amanda

Tapping into his personal emotions and insecurities once again, Dave allows audiences in on his success without his childhood friends. His sense of emptiness in a life full of achievements. The difficulties he’s had to face as a young succeeding artist, letting people know that the fame life isn’t as enjoyable as it looks. Dave’s ability to constantly convey his genuine emotions, transferred into an outstanding body of work, worked on for multiple years is represented through We’re All Alone In This Together. Accompanied by the smooth backing vocals of singer Jorja Smith, she undeniably complements the track as Dave opens to a level of vulnerability.  – Casey

Rating: 9.5/10