Succession Freestyle: SEASON FINALE With Lisa Mercedez

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

19 Apr 2021

Succession Freestyle has reached its season finale, and bows out with a bang! 

The final legacy act, Lisa Mercedez, lights up the season with her fire freestyle. The Jamaican-British artist always delivers wavy rhymes and dancehall fever. With jumpy production from Happi and vibrant energy from host, DJ Esi, this is the perfect way to wrap up after a long string of hot females on the mic!

Succession Freestyle launched on International Woman Day and has seen the likes of Teezandos, SB, and Lavida Loca grace the stage since. Powered by Ass3mble Agency and Mixtape Madness, Succession Freestyle kicks down the door with a female-led freestyle that sees more women in the game wanting to step up. 

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