Marrakesh The New Amsterdam ? Morocco To Legalise Weed Next Week

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

26 Feb 2021

Morocco is set to legalise weed, as soon as next week. The Moroccan government announced on Thursday 25 February that the farming, export and domestic sale of weed for medical and industrial use would be allowed.

While not currently legal, historically Moroccans already enjoy a relaxed approach with weed. Growing the plant is a tolerated practice with the North African country being one of the worlds largest producers according to the UN.

The UN’s removal of weed from its drug agency’s list of the world’s most tightly controlled substances also helped make the legalisation process happen.
The hope is that Moroccan farmers will now have the ability to access the fast growing global cannabis market and protect them from criminal drug traffickers.

According to Reuters who have seen the draft law recreational use has not actually been “officially” been approved.

This is good news for UK weed lovers who face the prospect of losing the privilege to smoke in Amsterdam cafes under a proposed tourist ban.