Subway Adding New Footlong Cookie To Their Menu Early Next Year

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

2 Dec 2023

Known for their sandwiches it looks like Subway are now giving their sweet treats that footlong treatment, announcing a new footlong cookie set to hit stores early 2024.

The sub chain offered a limited run of four overloaded footlong cookie topped with the likes of candies, chips, pretzels, chocolate icing and even bacon and pickles last year but will add 12-inch cookies to menus on a permanent basis across the US early next year.

For those in the US, Subway will be offering a free footlong cookie with the purchase of a footlong sub sandwich on national cookie day at special stores in Chicago, Dallas, Miami and New York on Dec 4.

Unfortunately for British patrons there is no news on whether the humungous confectionary will be given a wider global release and make it ways to UK shores.

“The overwhelming response we received from fans around the country last year let us know that we needed to make the footlong cookie a permanent addition to our menu,” said Paul Fabre, Senior Vice President, Culinary and Innovation at Subway.

“It’s the perfect pairing with your favorite footlong sub and may even become your favourite footlong after the first bite.”

While sizing up this time Subway was in this headline earlier this year when they unveiled a new miniature 3-inch sub to help consumers beat the cost of living crisis in Pakistan.