The Block Report: What are our U.K. Classics?

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

22 Feb 2021

Come and get your weekly scoop with Flashy Sillah!

It all kicks off with The Block Report’s hot topics and our host has loaded the freshly-dropped episode with the word on the streets. First of all – RIP Pop Smoke, who’s death just saw its first anniversary. Dig into the good stuff, and engage with recent controversies such as OFB’s video getting taken down for copyright and ‘County Lines’ rapper, Frosty, being recalled.

Does the U.K. scene have enough classic projects? – Flashy Sillah, Hot Take (S3:EP4)

Let’s get into the hot picks!

Whether it’s underground anthems or mainstream bops, we have the littest supply of music that you need to add to your playlist. Here’s a taster!

“Daily Duppy” Freestyle – OFB

“Next Up?” Freestyle – Workrate

“Kalas” – Snap Capone

“Bro Said” – Tugz x KO x Jimmy

Liking what you see? Get into the full episode above for the complete selection of music picks. Catch last week’s episode on here!