Learn Hilarious Pick-Up Lines In Sidemen Tinder Game Show

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

11 Feb 2021

If you’re boring, this isn’t for you!

We’re all in need of a good lockdown laugh and the newly-curated YouTube show, ‘Tinder’, provides just that! A team of hilarious males throw their best tongue-in-cheek lines at a selection of women, in hopes she swipes right. Of course, it doesn’t always go this way and they can be rejected.

The above episode is particularly engaging as it features some of the culture’s favourite personalities! KSI, Harry Pinero, Chunkz and Filly amongst the other public figures keep us laughing throughout, whether they’re challenging each other or trying their best to sabotage another.

Kick back and watch!