Vibbar [Via Poet, Jordy + Kojey Radical] Release Easy-Breezy “Boo Boo” Visuals

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

18 Jan 2022

Music collective, Vibbar, have unveiled the light-hearted “Boo Boo” visuals; a feel-good ode to ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ featuring Poet, Jordy and Kojey Radical.

On mellow production, the artists lay smooth verses about romancing their interests and unravel their intimate thoughts. elo tippmix  

What’s most creative and immersive about this drop is the visuals – we don’t actually see the rappers appear in front of the camera. Instead the narrative is unveiled via the likes of Say Nada, Harry Pinero, Filthy Fellas, Margs & Loons and more faces of the UK entertainment scene. One word: vibes!

Watch Boo Boo above.